Oahu Perimeter Ride

Hawaii has a tendency to be a transient place. People are always coming and going, but one does not simply move away from Hawaii without some sort of farewell or goodbye party. So last week a group of us got to together to celebrate Bobby Thompson (@bt774) the best way we knew how, a 140 mile bike ride around the perimeter of Oahu in some solid 20-30 mph winds. We also wanted to do something a little different than normal to document this ride. Evan had mentioned disposable cameras, so a trip to Longs Drug store was made and the last 3 disposable cameras were purchased. The photos are obviously not the best in terms of image quality, but they are unique and have something that seems to be missing these days, character. You will be missed Bobby, but good luck and congratulations! Goodbye and a hui hou kākou!

Bobby managed to get the most out of the Kodak400 disposable. The above are his shots from around the island. Below are the short from Joe and Evan.