#Sundaymorningcoffeejam is a ride on the Westside of Oahu. As a grad student, I rarely wake up early enough to get picked up at 6 in morning. Laziness is nice. But as I haven't been riding a lot and Joe decided to do this ride, I was in. We generally hope to ride a bit of gravel, get some hard efforts in, regroup with stories, and have coffee at the end. Joe brought his new bike out for the endeavor. It might be his only bike. The build process was heroic and he had just won a cyclocross race the day before so his legs were a little jello. I can verify this with the photograph of him coming up Makakilo, and if me, the ol' porkchop express carrying my AE-1 camera got up the hill ahead of him to snap it.  

All pictures taken with my Canon AE-1, 50mm lens, and Fuji400 film.